Wash And Fold Hero

Laundromat with Wash, Fluff & Fold Drop Off Service near Los Angeles

310 Laundromat offers top notch wash-dry-fold laundry service. We call our fluff and fold our four-minute laundry. It takes you two minutes to drop off your laundry and two minutes to pick it up. We do the rest! Enjoy your day and leave this chore to us. You have better things to do.

Our wash and fold laundry service costs just $1.75 a pound ($2.25 for same-day service). Our laundromat with drop off service uses commercial grade detergent, Clorox (if needed), hangers, and dryer sheets. The drop off laundry is professionally folded and placed neatly in clear plastic bags. There is a 50-pound minimum for this service.

For those customers who prefer a liquid brand-name detergent such as Tide, Gain, or All, this is provided at $1.50 a pound. Liquid softener is provided at 10 cents a pound more.

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

**50-lb Minumum

Wash & Fold
Per Pound

**50-lb Minumum

A few laundry items are priced by the item rather than the pound:

  • Regular twin/full comforter $15
  • Down twin/full comforter $20
  • Regular queen/king comforter $20
  • Down queen/king comforter $25
  • Regular Pillows $6
  • Down Pillows $10
  • Regular Sleeping Bags $15
  • Down Sleeping Bags $20

View our complete price list for more information