310 Laundromat Front

About 310 Laundromat

310 Laundromat was purchased by a couple whose dream it was to open their own business. The first thing they did was replace all of the older equipment, paint the laundromat, put in new folding table, put in a new floor and make this laundry look like new.

The new owner worked as an automotive technician and knows how to keep machinery in good working order. He had also managed several laundromats and knew this was the right business for his family.

He and his wife developed the philosophy of “clean and working”. The laundromat has to stay clean and all the equipment needs to work. He makes sure the lint was cleaned out of the dryers everyday so clothes dry fast and that the detergent cups on the washers were washed so everything stays clean.

After refurbishing the laundromat, they decided that they would have a full-service laundry service. Not only would they have a self-serve laundromat, but they would do wash & fold, and commercial laundry.

They are happy and excited to have the best and cleanest laundromat around!