Frequently Asked Questions

Really everyone. Our clients include university students to seniors. We have a lot of working professionals who put in long hours and don’t want to spend their free time doing laundry.

We are required to have a certified and tested scale, which ensures accuracy to the decimal. But for an approximate weight, a 13 gallon trash bag will holds about 12-15 pounds of clothes. A black heavy duty trash bag holds about 30-40 pounds. You can weigh yourself on a scale with the clothes bag and figure out the approximate weight. Our scale will weigh to the tenth of a pound.

With drop off service, you can pay cash, debit, or credit card.

Absolutely not! We will sort your clothes by lights, whites, and darks, and then wash your clothes by itself. We never mix orders together.

We clean both personal laundry and laundry for businesses. Everything from shirts to linen and towels.

It is a 24-hour laundromat! Come when it is convenient for you.